Pastor Leon Clift is bringing the body of Christ into a higher revelation and demonstration of Prayer, Praise and Prophecy.  Being a senior pastor and worship leader for the last 24 years has given Pastor Leon insight to where the church is spiritually and what the body of Christ needs to have... greater intimacy with the King of kings. He is the author of 2 books “Priests of Praise,” forward by Dr. Judson Cornwall Th.D, and co-author of ” The Power Of Prophecy”. Pastor Leon serves in an advisory capacity for several churches nationally as well as traveling internationally in ministry as his schedule allows. Pastor Leon is equipping the church with Praise, Prayer, and Prophecy.

Pastor Leon  in God's country.

We give thanks to the Lord for faithful friends like you who partner with us in this ministry of taking the revelation of true praise and worship to the nations for Christ and His kingdom. Thank you for your prayers and financial support.  This ministry is solely supported by our brothers and sisters in Christ. Books and tapes are free with any sized donation. May God bless you and your loved ones!- Pastor Leon


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New Beginnings Ministries

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email us at: leonclift@gmail.com

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Praises Out of Zion!

I Lay In Zion, Oh The Glory, Enlarge The Borders Of My Heart, I Will Dance for Joy , As The Deer.  (Copyright 1989-MP3 download)


Please email us for your free copy, with any sized donation, of 


Including:  It's My Desire, One Day At A Time,
Something About That Name, Find My Way Back Home, You Put Me Back Together, Secret Place, How Great Thou Art and more.  (Copyright 1985 MP3 download)

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Priests of Praise Study Guide

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Forward by Dr. Judson Cornwall TH.D.

  (pdf download.)

The Power Of Prophecy

Pastor Leon is known for his prophetic ministry internationally.  (See our Testimonies Page 

Please email us for your free copy with any sized donation. (pdf download)

The Perfect Prayer Outline  here.

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This is my son, Bryan Clift's worship podcast.